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Alright. Let’s talk skinhead girl hair.

It’s called a “feathercut.” A “chelsea” is the American term for having a mostly shaved head with fringe (“bangs”) across the forehead and longer feathers that frame the face (sometimes affectionately referred to as “girl chops” in reference to men’s sideburns/”muttonchops”). The feathercut is almost identical: it has similar fringe across the forehead, longer feathers on the sides of the face, but incorporates tail feathers (“back fringe”) as well. While there are exceptions to every rule, generally speaking, the Chelsea is an acceptable style worn by punk girls and freshcut skinhead girls alike, while the Feathercut is almost always worn specifically by skinhead girls.

A chelsea can be accompanied by a Mohican, bi-hawks, tri-hawks, et al, which is commonly seen amongst punk girls. Skinhead girls who have a proclivity for punk rock sometimes opt to sport a chelsea (check out the Blanks 77 song “Chelsea Girls” from the album Killer Blanks), but generally in American scenes, the chelsea is worn by skinhead girls who are newer to their scenes (“freshcuts”).

It is tradition in some American skinhead scenes to give a freshcut girl a closely-cropped short chelsea cut, then gradually begin to grow her tail feathers/back fringe from nothing. The theory is that as her time within the scene progresses, her hair is a visual indicator of how long she has been around. Also, growing tail feathers/back fringe from closely cropped hair is not really an attractive look. It is commonly referred to as “the friar tuck” (for its resemblance to a tonsure) or “the donut” (for its resemblance to balding patterns in males), and it takes a certain kind of girl to commit to a self-imposed awkward hair phase for a few months to a year while she patiently allows her feathers to grow longer. This action speaks to the integrity of the girl in question, her level of dedication, and her concept of respect.

Some would-be freshcut girls who want to get involved in the skinhead scene decide to bypass the awkward hair phase and cut a perfect, beautiful feathercut from their existing long hair (commonly referred to as an “insta-fringe”). Usually they do so because they lack the dedication it takes to actually grow a long feathercut, or perhaps they are simply trying to look the part in order to attract skinhead males or some other equally unworthy cause. These “insta-fringes” are often placed in the same category as “oi! toys,” individuals who see the skinhead scene less as an actual way of life and more as a passing phase with some cool perks.

After going through the initial awkward phase, American skinhead girls wear their feathercuts in variety of lengths. Again, there are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, skinhead girls who keep their crop short or shaved and their feathers trimmed to shorter lengths are more into the “1980s”/oi!/punk end of the music spectrum, while skinhead girls who grow their crops and feathers longer tend to gravitate toward the “1970s”/reggae/soul end of the spectrum.

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